Custom Leatherwork

Let us make custom leather pieces for you, from bracelets and jewelry, straps, belts, keychains, and knick-knacks from eye patches to full head-dresses! We can do anything!

Custom Pouches

We can make custom pouches, pockets, cases, and containers from any cloth or leather you so choose!

Custom Jewelry

Need a handcrafted leather piece to express your unique style? We have you covered, hand made to your measurements to fit you like a glove!

Custom Armor

From bracers to jerkins, scabbards to shoulder-pads, we can outfit you in flexible leather so you'll be the best looking assasin or hero in the land!

About the Designer

Kia Herman is the lady behind Black Gryphon Designs. With costuming experience that ranges from professional to the recreational, she can get you the look you need on the budget you're working with.

bgd_logo_greyWelcome to Black Gryphon Designs, we specialize in custom leatherwork, including to-your-measurements corsets, armor, jewelry, and an array of period and high fantasy pieces.

We are a multifaceted design company specializing in Custom Leather goods, Prop Fabrication, and Production Design. We are taking commissions! Let us help you make magic in a mundane world!

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Finished eyepatch! This was a custom order for a client in Texas who is having eye surgery. I hope having an awesome eyepatch to wear while they are recovering will make the healing a bit better. #leatherwork #eyepatch #leatherart #bear #womanartist #leatherwork #leathercraft #tandyleather #tandy


My ruler tattoo is now fully healed, and I am very pleased with how it looks. This has already been incredibly useful in my day to day work, and, just like with any other new tool, I'm sure I'll find new and exciting ways to use it in the coming months. Many thanks to @tattoosillustrate for the great work. Finger tattoos don't always heal dark like this, but her expertise made all of the difference. #fingertattoo #rulertattoo #firsttattoo #craftswoman #leatherworker #seamstress #costumedesign


Working on a custom order eyepatch. #leather #leatherart #leatherwork #eyepatch #bear #womanartist


My father in law Darby Hinton, aka Israel Boone, was best friends with Dan Haggerty, aka Grizzly Adams. When Dan passed away last year, Darby was given the tooth from Dan's beloved friend and costar Ben the bear. I was absolutely honored when Darby asked me to make it into a necklace for him. I know how important a piece it is. I strung the tooth on some heavy duty leather lacing to make sure it will never break. I accented the leather by wrapping it with some waxed linen thread, to make something simple and tough. #grizzlyadams #danielboone #western #leather #beartooth #remember


The three finished western weapons belts. That's a lot of leather! Each belt has 7 dagger frogs, and a spot in the back for two more crossed daggers. #leatherwork #leather #western #wildwest #dagger


All that's left is handstitching. All the hand stitching. #leatherwork #leather #knifebelt #western #wildwest


Man, that's a lot of pieces! Working on three weapons belts for a customer in Taiwan! #leatherwork #leather #knifebelt #western


I'm hoping I can get a better screenshot of Red Harvest's quiver, belt, and bow sling, but this is what I have so far! I made these pieces for The Magnificent Seven. I had a photo of an extant piece from a museum, and I tried to make it as historically accurate as possible. #western #magnificentseven #leather #leatherwork #propmaker


A details shot of one of the pieces I made for the Magnificent Seven movie. It was a blast making all of those dagger frogs! #film #leathercraft #propmaker #leatherwork #leather #knife #magnificentseven #western


I'm thrilled to finally announce one of my big projects from last year. I was hired by a prop company to design and fabricate a number of the main custom leather pieces for The Magnificent Seven. I made Billy Rock's weapons belt, Red Harvest's quiver, bow sling, belt, and knife sheaths, and a few other pieces for secondary characters as well. Super exciting, my first major motion picture! #magnificentseven #cowboys #indians #leather #leatherwork #propmaker #leathercraft #film

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