Custom Leatherwork

Let us make custom leather pieces for you, from bracelets and jewelry, straps, belts, keychains, and knick-knacks from eye patches to full head-dresses! We can do anything!

Custom Pouches

We can make custom pouches, pockets, cases, and containers from any cloth or leather you so choose!

Custom Jewelry

Need a handcrafted leather piece to express your unique style? We have you covered, hand made to your measurements to fit you like a glove!

Custom Armor

From bracers to jerkins, scabbards to shoulder-pads, we can outfit you in flexible leather so you'll be the best looking assasin or hero in the land!

About the Designer

Kia Herman is the lady behind Black Gryphon Designs. With costuming experience that ranges from professional to the recreational, she can get you the look you need on the budget you're working with.

bgd_logo_greyWelcome to Black Gryphon Designs, we specialize in custom leatherwork, including to-your-measurements corsets, armor, jewelry, and an array of period and high fantasy pieces.

We are a multifaceted design company specializing in Custom Leather goods, Prop Fabrication, and Production Design. We are taking commissions! Let us help you make magic in a mundane world!

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Putting together some ideas for upcoming projects, which designs do you like? #catskull #floral #goatskull #trex #macabre #leatherart #leatherwork


Putting together some ideas for upcoming projects. Which designs do you like? #leatherwork #leatherart #octopus #raven #moon #skull #Animalskull #macabre #art


Here are some photos of the modern traditional kilt I made for a good friend’s wedding. This wool kilt was made to look like a traditional dress kilt, but fit like modern clothing. It sits at the hip, is tapered to fall properly over the hips and butt, and then drapes beautifully straight down, to look just like an ordinary dress kilt under a suit coat or vest. Much more comfortable and flattering for today’s modern man. I will have photos of the groom in his kilt soon! #kilt #formalkilt #dresskilt #formalkilt #weddingsuit #wool #modernscottish


Pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats.


@themightykenzie looking adorable in the bodice I made for her for her work with the @sportivetricks! #renaissancefestival #irishmusic #bodice #costumes #historicalcostume


I've been working on a lot of projects I can't charge, but here something I can! My husband and I are expecting our first child, and so for our announcement, I made matching bodices for me and our little girl to be in the style of the renaissance band I perform with. It was really fun to make a little tiny bodice. I had no idea how fun it is to make baby clothes. #seamstress #costumer #renaissancefaire #baby #babyclothes


I have the best shop assistant. He doesn't get a lot done, but he sure is cute. #pitstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #leatherwork #leatherart


I've never filmed in a car dealership before. #setlife #artdepartment #setdresser


It's been quiet around here because I just moved into my new house! Woohoo! I'm setting up my new shop as we speak, and I hope to be back to making some fun stuff pretty soon. For now, enjoy one of my co-workers goofing off. #pitstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #shopdog #pitbull #love #leatherworker


I went to the @natural_history_museum today! This display of skulls and horns was SO awesome. #naturalhistorymuseum #skull #animalskull #horns #antlers #macabre #sciencebitch

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